Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day, dads! :)

Cupcake Dazzle wishes all dads a Happy Father's day. Kitorang dpt a few orders sempena Hari Bapa, and here they are;

Yang ni ordered from Kak Yuni for her husband, she wanted a dozen of regular chocolate and vanilla cupcakes yang bertemakan 'Computer & IT'.

Satu lagi was ordered from Hamidah in Kelana Jaya untuk papa dia. Her papa was very happy when we delivered the surprise cupcakes. He loves cars so we decorated the cupcakes dengan candy cars. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in souffle cups.

Yang ni pulak for our Abah! We love you aboh, Happy Father's day. We made golf themed cupcakes for him, he couldn't be happier :) .

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