Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Bday Umi..from Zura

Zura ordered 12 choc and vanilla cupcakes for birthday uminya..

Cupcakes Hantaran Pertunangan

Weekend lepas, Ilah order 16 choc and vanilla cupcakes for hantaran pertunangan kakaknya. She asked for "love,love,love" and "pink swirl" design.

Happy 1st anniversary Zura~

Zura from Kerteh order 8 choc dan 4 vanilla cupcakes untuk her 1st wedding anniversary. Zura requested "love and floral" theme.

Hugs & Kisses

Our friend Mira from Kl ordered 8 choc cupcakes in regular cup for her bf in Kt. Mira nak theme Love with red and white color. :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cupcakes for Thiera

Thira from UM requested 4 regular cupcakes for her rumies. She trusted us to create new design yang sesuai for them. This time, we created some girl cartoons. cute tak? :P

Thiera also ordered 4 cupcakes for a special someone who loves Batman and a fan of Manchester United.

...and another 4 for her brother, Dino yg minat Liverpool! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008


Introducing Cupcake Dazzle's new family member- baby cupcakes! :D
Great for occasions macam Hari Raya, birthday parties, etc.Comes in boxes of 36 pcs, RM45 per box.

Happy belated bday, dearest friends!

Wina from UM ordered 12 choc and vanilla cupcakes ( 3 boxes of 4 ) for her bestfriends Hisham, Napie and Nulu. Happy belated bday guys, hope u like the cupcakes. :)

Hisham loves Chelsea, so Wina requested Chelsea logo on his cupcakes.

Psp for Napie..

And Hujan for Nulu!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

From Ae, for Emee..

Ae requested 16 choc cupcakes in souffle cups with design similar to our previous cupcakes, Gadgets Lover. She wanted lime green and bright orange. Thanks Ae, jangan lupa order dgn kitorang lagi~ :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary Kak Na!

Cupcakes for Kak Na's 2nd wedding anniversary.. Semoga dipanjangkan jodoh..

Just for the girls.

Mie ordered a set of 4 cupcakes to give to the girls in his family; his Mom & 2 sisters. :)

Order from Citibank KL.

Nurin and her fellow staff members at Menara Citibank near KLCC placed an order of cupcakes for Winifred, the boss. The cupcakes are for her birthday,and the desired theme was "Girly Stuff in Pink". They specifically requested 'handbag','heels' and 'lipstick'. (pictures taken with phone camera)

Cupcakes Galore!

Cupcakes ni collective dari separate orders, x sort lagi (orders from Marlini, Zamri, Oya & Mr.Anuar Nik).. Enjoy~!

This one comes from Zamri. A special order of choc & vanilla cupcakes for his family of 3.. Interestingly, the alias "mozamirna & fikdzak" is the result of all his family members' names combined.

**sorry for the poor pic quality. . ;>

Sisterly Love

We've received another order for cupcakes similar mcm cupcakes Raja Aryani Raja Bahrin from before. Order ni comes from Miss Zuraini in Kajang. Cupcakes for her sister's birthday. Happy birthday Akak!

This set ordered by Oya for her lovely kid sister. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cupcakes for Farah in KL!

These are cupcakes for a friend of Zatil's, Farah. She ordered 32 cupcakes, dlm boxes of four, they were chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in regular cups. Farah requested a few themes for the cupcakes, they were; 'Love for the Special One', 'Visit Terengganu 2008', 'Love for friendship', 'Love for Family' and 4 dentistry themed cupcakes untuk adiknya.

Love for Special One
Visit Terengganu Year 2008;
For this one, we've simplified the logo to decorate the cupcakes

Love for Friendship

Love for Family

and Dentistry

Thanks Farah! :)
Enjoy the cupcakes.