Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Surprise bday cupcakes for Mr. Harris.

Kak iza order 4 cupcakes for her husband's 29th bday. She asked for them to be delivered to him at at his office. He was utterly surprised! Thanks kak iza, Mr. harris and Ilman.

Let's go shopping girls!

Eja nak surprisekan her fren with these 72pcs babycakes, decorated with her favorite stuff. :)

Birthday present for Nurul Izza

Anis ordered 36 babycakes for her officemate/bestfriend. She requested garden theme choc and vanilla cupcakes.


Mr. Syed nak 4 cupcakes, tapi dia nak decorate sendiri. hehe..

Happy 25th wedding anniversary!

Aunty Fadzilah from Bangi ordered 16 cupcakes for her 25th wedding anniversary. So sorry sebab deliver lewat mlm tu sebab rushing last minute packing nak gi Bandung.. :) She wanted floral+bee and computer related theme. Thanks aunty!

Im so sorry..

16 choc and vanilla cupcakes in souffle cups ni diorder oleh "someone" to "someone". They wish to remain anonymous. ;P

Monday, August 11, 2008

The biggest HSM fan!

Our youngest sister, Pippi is a High School Musical freak. She loves Zac Efron so much and collects everything from stickers, posters, novels, magazines..everything about HSM, u name it! hehe. Ni tambah lagi her collection, HSM CUPCAKES!

Fina yg craving cupcakes!

These cupcakes untuk Fina yg craving nak makan cupcakes. hehe..

For dear Nurqeen in KB

Nurqeen from Kota Bharu ordered 32pcs of vanilla and choc cupcakes for her mom's birthday and her students. She requested cupcakes yg cute for anak2 buahnya. yg girls pakai tudung, so cute. ;)
we hope u enjoyed the cupcakes nurqeen!

Cupcakes for Mie

Mie bertunang pada 8th of august 2008, and ordered 16pcs vanilla and choc cupcakes in souffle cup untuk hantaran. She wanted pink color and a simple floral theme. Selamat bertunang Mie dan yin.. :)

Cupcakes for Gee. :)

Gee from KT order 2 boxes of 12 cupcakes for her husband. Gee requested love and floral theme. Hope u like the cupcakes Gee! ;)

Blackberry n Vaio cupcakes

For her 1/2 year anniversary,Syima from Kl ordered 36pcs babycakes, nak surprisekan her beloved husband. He loves Blackberry and Vaio, and she requested hot pink, black and white.

From Mdm Wong to her daughter in law

Mdm Wong orderd 25pcs choc cupcakes in souffle cups for her new daughter in law. "C" and "H" just got married. congrats! ;)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cupcakes untuk majlis sambut menantu

Our good friend, Shahiba wanted 20 choc and vanilla cupcakes in regular cups untuk majlis sambut menantu abangnya. She requested a variety of decorations, from a tiara for the bride, to butterflies and dragonflies including a dell latop for her brother. Congrats Juju and Irma! :D

Happy Birthday Ima!

Birthday cupcakes ordered from Poey and friends for Ima, 12 chocolate cupcakes in regular cups. Poey nak images of rainbows and angels on the cupcakes, so here they are :)

Yani loves Faris

These cupcakes are ordered from Illyani in Putrajaya for her beloved, Faris. 16 chocolate cupcakes in souffle cups, with decorations like a few of our previous orders, by request.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Friendship day!

Last week, Ae, our friend ordered another box 12 cupcakes, choc and vanilla in souffle cups, specially for her best friends, Emee, Datul and Fatin. Enjoy the cupcakes girls!